iTunes BPM Analyzer for Windows


Since getting back to my hobby, nightclub DJ, I’ve been using Serato and iTunes in tandem.  While searching for a tool that would find the  BPM (beats per minute)  of my songs I came across MixMeister BPM Analyzer. It’s simple enough. Download, install, start, click and drag .

Some things I didn’t read on the download page:

  • You can click and drag songs from iTunes to MixMeister
  • After a BPM is found for a specific song, right clicking on the song in iTunes and selecting “Get Info” will update the BPM field
  • Song songs did not load in MixMeister, not sure why.  They were songs I baught on iTunes, so there may be some DRM issues.

One response to “iTunes BPM Analyzer for Windows”

  1. James

    Have yo found anything better than this for windows? I don’t want to have to ‘Get Info’ for every single track.